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Jun 3, 2019

June is an important month for us and we are very excited to announce out the new release of our platform Goopy Augmented Reality. You can update our app on Google Play and Apple store and test the improvements with our gallery samples goopy.io/gallery.

Mar 18, 2019


glTF (GL Transmission Format) is a file format for 3D scenes and models using the JSON standard. It is described by its creators as the "JPEG of 3D." It is an format developed by the Khronos Group 3D Formats Working Group and announced at HTML5DevConf 2016.

Feb 21, 2019


The augmented reality allows us to incorporate digital / virtual elements on the real world that surrounds us, which we can access through devices such as smartphones and tablets. Using technology we can generate experiences that enrich the environment using information in real time.

Discovering these digital elements is very easy, using your mobile or tablet, direct the camera towards an image or space that recognize the application and you can enjoy 3D animations, images, sounds or videos coexisting with the real world.

Jan 11, 2019


We are officially announcing the launch of our augmented reality platform GOOPY AR (goopy.io). As Tim Cook recently said, "Augmented reality will change the way we use technology, connect, play and learn."