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Jan 11, 2019
Posted by: logando


We are officially announcing the launch of our augmented reality platform GOOPY AR (goopy.io). As Tim Cook recently said, "Augmented reality will change the way we use technology, connect, play and learn."

Goopy is a new mobile augmented reality (AR) technology platform created in the Dominican Republic. This platform is available for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. We believe that at the same time the development gap between different platforms, we provide the world with more opportunities to experiment and explore Augmented Reality more easily.

With our online Goopy Studio editor, agencies, brands and agents can achieve the objectives of Augmented Reality easily, through the recognition of images in the cloud and other advanced features.

With this technology, Goopy users can discover information and buy products in the real world by simply scanning an image. You can display custom text or simply link each object or image with a URL.

Goopy uses GPS (global positioning system) to discover the experience that surrounds the user. This type of experience works with proximity and geolocation location through push notifications. This mechanism allows our users to discover augmented reality content with precise positionings, such as holograms and 3D animation, which can be created in our Goopy Studio and persist in the application.

Another function of our Goopy Studio online editor is Goopy AR Experiences, which allows you to create user experiences of augmented reality in media such as GLTF 2.0, OBJ, MOV, MP4, Images (PNG, JPG), MP3, etc. and consume them From our Goopy application or application created for your brand or project.


General functionalities:

1. AR experience Based on ARKit 2.0 and ARCore technology
2. Recognition of images in the cloud.
3. Based on the development of React Native
4. Static and animated GLTF 2.0 support
5. OBJ support
6. Support of mp4 video, movement and transparency for the creation of advanced holograms
7. Object and element animation.
8. mp3 Support 
9. Management of multi-targets and reading of multiple experiences.
10. Light, materials and shadows.
11. Creation of georeferenced experiences based on latitude and longitude.
12. PBR (Physically base rendering) Support 
13. Online web editor for the easy creation of augmented reality experiences.

More Info: hello@goopy.io