What is Goopy ?
Goopy is cloud platform and mobile augmented reality (AR) technology provider for smartphones and tablets . At Goopy, we believe that augmented reality is for everyone and we are bridging the development gap between iOS and Android. Our AR technology is available through Cloud image recognition and Goopy Studio products enabling brands, agencies and developers to achieve their AR goals.
What is Augmented Reality ?
Augmented reality (RA) is the term used to define the vision of a real-world physical environment, through a technological device. This device or set of devices, add virtual information to the existing physical information; that is, a synthetic part virtual to the real one. In this way; tangible physical elements are combined with virtual elements, thus creating an augmented reality in real time.
Where could we use Goopy ?
• Education
• Marketing
• Real Estate
• Museum & Gallery
• Airport
• Shopping Malls
• Tourism & travel
• Events
• And more...
How can we get in contact with Goopy team ?
You can contact us to hello@goopy.io
What are the portals and how do they work?
The portals are experiences that allow you to visualize scenarios in 360 degrees videos or images. You can enter and see another location within your reality. To activate them, you must press "Scan". Then, press the portal icon. In the next view you will load the available portals at the bottom of the application. Point the camera forward and press the portal of your choice. Once loaded, you can walk to enter the portal. Within it, you can move the mobile to visualize the stage in 360 degrees.
Could we integrate my app with your AR technology?
We our white label solution (Branded Apps) you can have your App with our AR technology. Enter our session https://goopy.io/ar-solutions or write us hello@goopy.io
What are the core features of Goopy AR?

• Object animation
• Elements (PNG, JPG, MOV) format
• OBJ and *GLTF 2.0 (3D formats)
• Multiple images target
• Lighting, materials and shadow
• Alpha video
• Image recognition
• And more ….

*GLTF (GL Transmission Format) is a file format for scenes and 3D models based on the JSON standard. It is a format designed for the efficient and interoperable distribution of 3D scenes that compress the size of scenes and 3D models, minimizing runtime processing in applications that use WebGL.
Which product should I choose?

AR (Augmented reality): You can create augmented reality for digital platforms that lets you create and discover interactive contents from objects and images as newspapers, magazines, books, products, posters, postcards and artworks. Opens the door to thousands of ways users can interact with world and digital contents. Play with holograms, videos, 3D contents, interaction images and more. Easy, flexible, reliable for your brands, startups and companies that want create interactive experience.

GEO (Geolocation): See, share, create, and discover around you precisely-positioned AR content like holograms, 3D animation and more that persists on the Goopy app and Branded app and create it with goopy studio, the location is used via GPS (Global positioning system) for discover the experience around you, this experience is available with proximity location and geolocation through mobile push notification.

IR (Image Recognition): Makes it easy for retailers with Image Recognition in the Goopy app and their branded apps and transform the way consumers discover and shop for products in the real world. You can show a customized text or simply link each object to a URL.
What is Goopy Studio ?
Goopy AR Studio is your one-stop shop for generating and managing target collections, as well as for creating and publishing AR experiences. Goopy Studio is the best-in-class tool to create your own high quality Augmented Reality experience just in a couple of clicks. It is designed for non-technical users.
What are the core features of Goopy Studio ?

WEB-BASED: Work quickly and efficiently with no desktop software installations needed.

EASY TO USE: You don’t need to be a programming guru. Create AR projects with an intuitive workflow, easy testing, and fast publishing.

IMAGE RECOGNITION: Work with Image Recognition & Tracking, Goopy’s seamlessly integrated proprietary technology based in ARkit and ARcore.

AUGMENTATIONS: Adding text, images, buttons and models in your AR project has never been easier! Moreover, display videos hosted on your server to bring your content to life.

POWERFUL 3D AND PBR: Engage your users and customers by bringing things to life with 3D models. The new 3D space for targets enables you to create even more precise AR experiences.

PUBLISH: Without the need of any programming skills, you can hop on to the web, log into Studio Editor, create an AR project in as little as 10 minutes and publish it in the Goopy App right away.
How do I get started?
Only contact us hello@goopy.io
Which devices are supported?
All devices that support ARkit and ARcore technology, for to consult the devices please visit:
Android and iOS Devices supported (https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices)
How can I access our Goopy Studio?

Is very easy !! Only request a access and explain us about your project.
Here is the link: goopy.io/studiorequest
What is surface 3D Objects?

Surface 3D Objects or called “Markerless AR” where you can throw a 3d object into the real world, Also you can interact with the 3D model with your fingers, such as rotate, scale, move and more.
What is WebAR?

WebAR is a form of augmented reality that works within a browser and does not require the user to download an app to view it. WebAR can be launched from a QR code, mobile ad units, email marketing, a social media post or anywhere you can place a link.
How the user can use Web-AR?

Users need to be informed that there is an AR experience that can be accessed. We advise our clients and users to always ensure the 'Call to action (CTA)' is clear and compelling. The user sees a digital or physical touchpoint (printed collateral, a digital banner, native ad placement, social, QR codes) & clicks on it or scans with a QR reader. The AR experience loads and user engages in an immersive augmented reality experience.
What browsers does Goopy’s Web-AR Engine support?

Goopy’s Web-AR Engine is compatible with Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android.
How much does Web-AR cost?

Pricing depends on the complexity of the build. Please contact us to get started.
Can I add Web-AR to my current web page?

Yes, a link is generated with the experiences and then this can be placed through an iframe on your website.
What element can I add in my Web-AR experience?

You can only add 3D elements and sounds.
We want an App with my brand, what can we do?

Don’t have an app? No problem. Our in-house app development team can work with you to build a custom branded scanning app that’s designed to your specifications.